Internment Canada

The Challenge

Develop an application for the “Discovering Canadian WW1 Internment”, an augmented reality digital map to educate Canadians about this tragic page in Canada’s history, to schools, educators, and museums across Canada.

The Solution

This project has delivered an immersive, accessible Augmented Reality (WebAR) exhibit that brings to life the history of Canada’s first national internment operations. 360 Story Lab has created an AR map of Canada printed on heavy vinyl. The map includes small visual icons or “targets” that are recognized by the AR software program and activate the AR experience.

The Results

The Pilot was a huge success and launched to glowing reviews at the Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival in September 2018. Users were excited to engage with the internment history in this new and innovative way, especially the younger more tech-savvy attendees at the festival. Several teachers have requested different sized maps to use in their classrooms and there were requests that versions of the AR project be made available in French.

The Map Used to trigger the 26 POIs in Canada.

Internment Canada Map

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